Shelby Zink

Hair Bowls

Hair Bowls

upclycing, preservation, transformation of energy, & reflection on what synthetic hair can become.

Photos by Lives Styled


Braids, wigs, and weaves are a big part of my life and many other black womxn. One of my distinct childhood memories is being at the hair store for hours on a Saturday with my mom and aunt having to try on wigs for them.

When I started wearing my own box braids in my 20’s, I began to think about the energy and care that goes into the creation of braided and twisted styles. The hair braider spends hours weaving fibers together giving their client a gorgeous new look, the person receiving braids leaves the salon feeling fresh and new, and then wears the hair creating new memories. When it’s time to remove the hair style the synthetic hair is typically thrown away.


Hair bowls are previously worn braids wrapped and sewn around themselves, in a beehive pattern, laced with colorful thread. They are another transformation of synthetic hair that would have been thrown away.

Store your jewelry, small plants, stones, or what ever fits inside of this reclaimed decorative vessel.